City of Parma Website Wins National Award

The City of Parma website, designed and developed by the Aztek team, received the prestigious Top City Government Website Award from Parma's website earned this award after the Awards editors reviewed more than 3,000 other municipal websites from across the United States.

As explained by the Awards editor, the website won this award due to its "impressively rich information, useful services and excellent visual design". The City of Parma website, also hosted by Aztek, will be featured on the Juggle website. 

It has been Aztek's goal to provide the City of Parma with the latest and most up-to-date web services.  The City of Parma website meets current design standards and provides residents with relevant web-based applications that are easily accessible.

Aztek is proud to be the Cleveland web design firm behind this award winning municipal website! 

Aztek Interviewed by Dan Hanson, the Great Lakes Geek

Dave Skorepa and Josh Brown of Aztek were recently interviewed by Dan Hanson ( about the latest web design technologies and techniques such as HTML 5, CSS3, jQuery and the Mobile Web. You can watch the YouTube video below.


Who are these guys anyway?

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