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What's New With Web Design

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Web design is always evolving. New technologies, tools, and techniques emerge. These give web designers great opportunities to build better and better sites.

Our Aztek designers love exploring the newest ways to make awesome websites.

"Our creative team is really looking forward to seeing Responsive Web Design, HTML5, and CSS3 attain mainstream attention and support," says Dave Skorepa, the chief creative officer at Aztek. "Very soon, building sites to be responsive will be standard, and that’s a great thing for the web."


Outfitting SEO: Back to Basics

How do your potential customers find you on the web?

When they perform a search using keywords that pertain to you, do you show up on the first page of rankings? Do you show up on the 30th page of rankings? Do you not show up at all?

You have the power to influence where you show up—you have the ability to tell Google what you do and why you do it well, which helps Google help you by directing interested searchers to your site.

But you’ve got to give Google a little to go on.


Making TRG’s Dream a Reality

TRG Reality is one of the finest photo shops around. Their intensely talented creative team creates photographs, CGI, composites, motions, and videos that have to be seen to be believed. Their images are of such a caliber that it’s often impossible to tell how an image was made: was it photographed? Was it created? Is it an amalgamation of both?


An Argument Against Justified Text Aligment in Web Design

Justified text alignment is great for newspapers and magazines since they use smaller, defined columns and have a target area width that they can depend on. But the web is an entirely different beast, and it just doesn't work the same way as print-media. More...

Optimize Your Website For Conversions, Not Traffic Alone

Search Engine Optimization is a well known term and online marketing tool. Most companies spend a pretty penny on SEO and consulting services. A good portion of these same companies become so wrapped up in optimizing their websites for the search engines with the goal to drive the most traffic as possible to their site. "The more eyeballs the better", they might say. While it is essential to drive targeted traffic to your website, it is also important that these visitors take action once they get there. This very important step is often times forgotten. If your website's visitors are not taking the next step and becoming a customer or a lead- in reality, this traffic isn't helping your bottom line. This is where conversion optimization becomes part of the website success equation. More...

10 Harsh Truths About Corporate Websites

A great article from one of our favorite web design blogs (Smashing Magazine). A must read for the client Web Manager (or whoever is in charge of your company's website). More...

A New Year, A New Website

It’s been almost three years since we launched And like we tell our clients, that’s about the average lifespan of most websites. Things change. The Internet evolves, new technologies become available, old technologies may no longer be the best choice. Companies offer new services and stop supporting others.

It’s no different for us.

In 2010 we saw the rise of “Apps” and the “Mobile Web”. And we’ve added those services to our offering. We upgraded the blog. Our client list evolved and we wanted a portfolio interface that worked more naturally on an iPad *COUGH**COUGH* sorry, “Touch screen device”. We revisited what was working, and what wasn’t. We simplified. We grew. We even threw in some hidden Easter Eggs for those of you willing hunt them down (Hint: we played a lot of Konami games on the Nintendo growing up).

Plus, our creative team was bored with the old design.

There are many other great things planned for 2011. We hope the new serves our clients (and potential clients) well.

New Year's Website Resolutions

As the year wraps up, it’s a good time to make some plans for things to accomplish in the New Year. Budgets are being decided, strategies being finalized. Make sure there is some time and energy set aside for your organization’s website. Even if you just finished a huge website project last year, there are still lots of other things you should be considering this year.  And since your website doesn’t need to quit smoking or call it’s mother more often, here’s a few more appropriate ideas…More...

The Pre-Project Website Design Checklist (for the Client)

Beginning a new website project can be a daunting and intimidating task. There are so many moving parts it is easy to overlook some of them. This doesn’t just go for the web designer; it goes for the client as well. In an effort to help make the process a little less frightening, here is Aztek’s website project checklist for the clientMore...