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Keith Rowe


Keith is Aztek’s CTO where his primary focus is helping our delivery team achieve a high degree of project success through technical solutions, process improvement, education, and mentorship. He works closely and meets with the executive leadership team to communicate on key initiatives and help define company culture and processes. He brings a vast technical background and can be found spending time in helping in presales initiatives, working with the development team on solution architectures, as well as handling the demands of the chief thermostat officer.

Keith earned a bachelor’s degree in computer science from Ohio State University, where he was also a teacher’s assistant for a computer science class. Prior to Aztek, Keith was a junior developer at InfoTech Resources, where he developed websites utilizing HTML, PERL, Classic ASP, and SQL servers.

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Fun Facts

  • I have rebuilt and replaced the 302 engine in my '89 Ford F150, rewired the computer for mass-air, and MIG welded custom front and rear bumpers with a spare tire swing-out gate.


Industry Resources

  • Twitter - An absolutely fantastic place to keep pulse of goings on within the industry. If the technology leaders are tweeting about a topic you haven't heard about, you should go read about it.

I've failed over and over and over again in my life and that is why I succeed.

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