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Reed Daniels

Business Development

Reed is a business development specialist at Aztek. In this role, he works with organizations in Northeast Ohio and beyond to identify opportunities for business growth through website design, application development, and digital marketing.

Reed studied business administration at Cleveland State University and the College of Charleston. Prior to joining Aztek, Reed ran his own company, DocuSMART Document Management Solutions, which provided document management solutions to organizations.

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Reed Daniels Bio image 1

Fun Facts

  • I’m a huge thoroughbred horse racing fan. Goal of mine is to own a race horse in the near future. My grandpa/uncles would take me as a youngster and I’ve been involved ever since.
  • Lived in Charleston, SC for six years (Moved back to Cleveland for the weather…not).
  • I’m a red head, left-handed, and have blue eyes. I’ve been told that’s rare. 


  • Progressive Field – Love the Indians and baseball in general.
  • Stone Mad Pub – Grab a Magner’s and enjoy!
  • Jacobs Pavilion – Great summer venue (Watched Paul Simon at 75 years old put on a stellar performance).

Industry Resources

  • Gary Vaynerchuk – Fan of his content and overall digital presence. Read the book Crush It! 
  • – Enjoy following the start-up scene and everything that goes along with starting, running, and growing a business.
  • Team Aztek – I work with industry leaders every day. Need I say more?

All knowledge is interesting to a wise man.

Matthew Arnold