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Robert Davidson

Email Marketing Manager

Robert Davidson is an email marketing manager at Aztek, where he specializes in developing email marketing and marketing automation programs.

Robert earned his bachelor’s degree in journalism from Penn State University. Prior to joining Aztek, Robert was an email marketing specialist for the Cleveland Cavaliers, where he was responsible for the end-to-end development and execution of HTML email marketing campaigns for the Cleveland Cavaliers, Cleveland Monsters, and Canton Charge.

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Fun Facts

  • I coach CrossFit and help lead the Wellness Committee at Aztek
  • I was at every Indians home game in 2016
  • I’m a crossword enthusiast and podcast junkie


  • Tartine Bistro
  • Any of Cleveland's wonderful independent coffee shops
  • The Metroparks, especially Huntington Beach

When you come to a fork in the road, take it.

Yogi Berra