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Shayla Barfield

Content Writer
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Fun Facts

  • I am a music aficionado, and any music-related event is my happy place
  • I tried out for the Baltimore School For the Arts (where “Step Up” was filmed) for singing without any formal vocal training (of course, I didn’t get in)
  • The “Unsolved Mysteries” theme song still scares me until this day


Favorite Places in Maryland (Ah, the pleasures of working remotely)

  • Millard Tydings Memorial Park – If you love waterfront views, walking, and tranquility, this is an excellent place to burn calories, meditate, or get fresh air. After your walk, you can order mouth-watering food from the Promenade Grille, which adjoins this park!
  • State Fare – The food and drinks are delicious. This restaurant also has fantastic pop art paintings of well-loved celebrities on the wall.
  • Ananda – Upscale dining. Authentic Indian cuisine. Free massages for the entire family on Mother’s Day (or at least that happened in 2022, don’t quote me or hold me accountable for the last part).

Industry Resources

"What matters is how we live and love and spend our dash"

Linda Ellis