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Video on the Vine

Vine gives marketers six seconds of visual marketing.

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Keeping Your Company’s Social Media Secure

Are your company's social media accounts secure?

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Sharknado: a Social Media Tsunami

"Sharknado" offers lessons on basic social media concepts that can be applied to any company.

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Should You Create a Branded YouTube Channel For Your Business?

There are tons of benefits for businesses who are active on YouTube. Check out our latest post to learn how you can use YouTube to your company's benefit.

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Why YouTube Should be Your Video Service of Choice

YouTube offers superior technical advantages, simple yet robust social sharing, and an audience of over 1 billion people per month. Find out why your business should be using YouTube to leverage its videos.

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How Performance Metrics Can Boost Your Social Media Campaign

Social media has been buzzing around everyone’s radar for the past fifteen years…and yet, people still aren’t utilizing it to its fullest potential. We’ve all heard how successful digital platforms

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