Did you know that Yahoo! and Bing have nearly 30% search engine market share? Based on comScore data, that accounts for 43,283,582,089 (that's 43 billion) searches per month. While a staggering number, Google gets about 100 billion queries per month. 

No matter which search engine you prefer, the one thing that they all have in common is the desire to serve up relevant results based on the quality of content a website provides.

In our final episode of 2013 in Review, Dave and I give tips on what businesses should consider when it comes to the development of content on their website.

Video Transcription

Dan: Do you guys focus on the changes at Bing, or Yahoo, or any of the others or is it still a Google world?

Matt: We do take a look at Bing and Yahoo. Yahoo results and their pay-per-click interface is driven by Bing so a lot of times, between those two search engines, there's almost about 30% of the market share. So there's a lot of the activity there. It's big enough that we can't really ignore that. But generally speaking, Google's the leader for a reason. A lot of times, when Google implements something, you'll see within the next few months that Bing and Yahoo kind of follow suit. So, I would say, for the most part, we monitor what Google's doing and that helps us keep the pulse.

Dave: And certainly Bing does [follow suit]. They got busted last year duplicating and copying Google's algorithm and results. They got busted because Google engineers were putting in nonsensical words to try and get them to rank which completely busted the guys at Bing, so it's kind of comical.

Dan: Now in general, for the small business or someone who’s not using pros like you and couldn't tell a Hummingbird from a Penguin, it's still the case though that if you have good content, it's going to be eventually found, right?

Matt: Yes. Useful, valuable, fresh content. Put yourself in your visitors’, your prospective customers’, and current customers’ shoes, and as long as you keep that mindset, generally speaking, you'll be on the right track.

Dave: That's been one of the nicest things from our standpoint to see because it's helped us make the argument back to our clients that that's really what matters and that's where the effort should be paid. You will see the rankings and the traffic as a result of that, but it takes the emphasis off the wrong goals, and it puts it on the right things.

Dan: Alright. Get some more expertise from Matt and David. Aztekweb.com. A-Z-T-E-K web.com. Thanks, guys.