You're a savvy shopper, so the holidays are your time to shine.

You were up before dawn to brave the crowds for that gigantic new flat screen, but what other gifts will you find for those hard-to-buy-for people on your shopping list?

Don't worry, we found some great gift options they'll never see coming.

We searched the internet to find some up-and-coming tech options for you to consider this holiday season. We're not being paid to share these, but if any of these companies want to throw some money my way I still have some gifts to buy...

Many of these products are still in the early development stages, so time will tell how they survive long-term. But, in the mean time, you (or someone on your shopping list) could support something fun and exciting. Just know that you won't get these in time to wrap up this year...

Ringly: Smart Jewelry

For the Connected, Fashionable Woman

  • Smart ring lets you put your phone away and put your mind at ease
  • Connects to your phone and sends customized notifications through vibration and light
  • Know if your next meeting is in 10 mins. or if your daughter is calling without looking at your phone

See all 5 Ringly Color Options

AMPY: Power Devices with Movement

For the Green, Device-Charging Enthusiast

  • Over 300% funded with 2,573 backers on Kickstarter 
  • Captures energy from your motion and turns it into power to charge your USB devices
  • App tracks battery life you generate, calories you burn, your carbon footprint offset and more

Get moving (and charging) with AMPY

XOO: Device-Charging Belt

For the Batman-Wannabe

  • Met funding goal on crowdfunding website, Indigogo 
  • Collaborating with Casely-Hayford fashion house
  • Enough power to fully charge an iPhone 6 with power to spare

Bluesmart: Connected Carry-On Luggage

For the Tech-Savvy Traveler

  • Meets worldwide airline regulations for TSA and international entities
  • Track your suitcase's location and get a notification if you are leaving it behind
  • Charge your phone six times or more with the built-in battery

Preorder through Indigogo

Hush: Smart Earplugs

For the Noisy Open Office, Dedicated Student, or Snoring Partner

  • Funded through Kickstarter
  • Silence unimportant notifications but still hear emergency phone calls and your personal alarm
  • Great for travelers, students, couples, and more

Hear more about Hush

What did we leave out? Share your favorite new technologies with us in the comments below.

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