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A New Year, A New Website It’s been almost three years since we launched aztekweb.

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It’s been almost three years since we launched And like we tell our clients, that’s about the average lifespan of most websites. Things change. The Internet evolves, new technologies become available, old technologies may no longer be the best choice. Companies offer new services and stop supporting others.

It’s no different for us.

In 2010 we saw the rise of “Apps” and the “Mobile Web”. And we’ve added those services to our offering. We upgraded the blog. Our client list evolved and we wanted a portfolio interface that worked more naturally on an iPad *COUGH**COUGH* sorry, “Touch screen device”. We revisited what was working, and what wasn’t. We simplified. We grew. We even threw in some hidden Easter Eggs for those of you willing hunt them down (Hint: we played a lot of Konami games on the Nintendo growing up).

Plus, our creative team was bored with the old design.

There are many other great things planned for 2011. We hope the new serves our clients (and potential clients) well.

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