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Aztek- An Adwords Certified Partner

You may have thought that Aztek was only a Cleveland web design firm. However, you would be wrong. Aztek is also a provider of a wide range of web marketing services including SEO (search engine optimization), online marketing, social media integration, email marketing and more. Not only do we offer these services, we are experts in online marketing. Aztek has been an Adwords Certified Partner for over a year now. Just this week, our web marketing team successfully renewed our partnership with Google by passing an updated advanced Search Advertising exam. 

What exactly does being a Adwords Certified Partner mean?

In the most basic sense, being an Adwords Certified Partner is a globally recognized stamp of approval which acknowledges that Aztek has immense knowledge of the latest AdWords tools and is proficient with Adwords best practices. This certification lets potential clients know that Aztek is fully capable of effectively managing and running a successful AdWords campaign.

Besides passing two exams, Aztek was also required to meet certain criteria to become an Adwords partner. This included managing over $10,000 of Adwords spending over a 3 month period. Based on the number of clients for whom Aztek is currently running successful Adwords campaigns for, it was easy to reach this mark.

After years of experience with the Google Adwords platform, the Aztek web marketing team is confident that we can run an Adwords campaign that will drive more qualified traffic to your website, produce quality leads and improve your bottom line.