Aztek, a Cleveland web design firm, is dedicated to remaining certified in a number of different areas. Aztek is a Microsoft Gold Silver Certified Partner* and is also Google Adwords Qualified. Back in April, Google updated and changed its qualification requirements. This change included the addition of an additional test that must be passed to gain certification. The old program required a user to pass only one exam to become certified. This number has been increased to two (2) exams. These exams include both an Advertising Fundamentals exam and one advanced-level exam.

Staying true to our goal of providing the best services and results to our clients, Aztek took the required exams and passed. Aztek remains Google Adwords Certified. This certification means that our web marketing team specializes in the creation and management of Google Adwords campaigns that can deliver results. We can help your company generate more sales and leads through a targeted Adwords campaign. 

Aztek offers a wide range of web marketing services and remains committed to offering the best services through our many certifications. 

* Recently Microsoft changed the requirements to achieve and maintain Gold certification. One of these requirements is the reselling of Microsoft software, which Aztek does not do. Consequently, our certification has been changed to Silver. We're still killer .NET developers, though.