While this email gave SEO's across the World a good chuckle, it's important to note how Search Engine Optimization actually works and the kind of influence we really have over the Search Engines. 

Work with websites and search engines long enough, and you're bound to run into this type of request. We've been asked by folks if we can have competitors removed from the search engines, or to have disparaging remarks (from other websites) removed from the Internet altogether, and of course to have every page rank (number one) for every keyword on the wishlist. 

If somebody is ranking higher than you, you'll just have to work twice as hard to start outranking them. Work with your SEO firm to develop new keyword-rich content to target those keywords who are lagging behind. Set a realistic timeframe to start showing progress and adjust your strategy as the rankings landscape changes. It's not going to happen overnight. We're not talking about years of waiting, but give it a few weeks at least. Your search team will help you keep a close on on the progress and make recommendations on where you need to adjust.

Before you hire your search optimization firm, it's a good idea to educate yourself about the limits of SEO tactics and set realistic expectations for your site in the search engines. Competitors aren't going to remove themselves and nobody has a magic button to send you to number one the day you launch your new wesbite. 

Natural rankings come from good research, persistence and most importantly, good content. Your SEO firm is your guide.