Last week I was invited to the Tri-C Metro campus in downtown Cleveland to tour their new Creative Arts/Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Archive Building, to see if it would be a good fit for future Cleveland Web Standards Association (a group I help organize)  meetings.

While the outside of the building isn’t any feat of daring architecture (it does fit in with the rest of the campus), the inside is an exciting place. I got see their state-of-the-art media studio, animation and video editing labs, and impressive classrooms with rows of shiny new iMacs (the Rock Hall archive is still being completed). Among these are various sized conference rooms & meeting places, including a Wi-Fi enabled café on the first floor which would be perfect for smaller to medium CWSA events.

One thing that stood out to me was that every room is wired to each other. Meaning, if something is happening on one screen in a room, it can be displayed on the screen of any other room in the building.

Though it may seem like I’m shilling for Tri-C here (they didn’t pay me, honest), my purpose is to call a bit of attention to our vibrant tech community. Unfortunately between our woeful sports teams and bumpy road to a Med-Mart, lost in the negative headlines is our very talented, very active technology sector (just take a look at recently super successful sold-out Cleveland Startup Weekend). And having a modern educational design space such as the new Creative Arts building right here in downtown Cleveland is integral to the growth of that sector.

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