If you're not familiar with content marketing, consider this: You have about 10 seconds (or 40 words) to capture someone's attention on the web. Is your website's content strong enough to take advantage of this limited window of opportunity?

This past Friday, Aztek had the pleasure of presenting the value of content marketing to some of ERC's Preferred Partner Network.

Key takeaways about content marketing

  1. Content marketing covers everything related to web content.
  2. Web content is more than just the written word. Graphs, images, videos, and more can be counted as valuable content.
  3. Good content urges people through the conversion funnel; it helps them complete a task and/or answers a question.
  4. Good content marketing positively impacts SEO and social media efforts.
  5. Effective content marketing can help your company save — and make — money.

Check out our content marketing presentation:

About ERC:

If you're a business owner or decision-maker, check out ERC. They offer HR consulting services, employee and job training, networking events, and more. Big thanks to the team at ERC, especially Pat, Ryan, and Carrie, for setting up this awesome event.

If you're interested in learning more about content marketing, let us know — we would love to hear from you!