The resources round up for April includes a podcast and two great articles. I love finding different mediums of ways to learn new things! Let's dive into my favorites from the last month!

Podcast: UnPodcast by Alison Kramer & Scott Stratten

What We Liked: I had the opportunity to attend Content Marketing World 2016, and while I was there I signed up to get the updated release of Scott Stratten and Alison Kramer's book, UnMarketing. Fast forward to April and a lovely package showed up at the office (it really made my day!) containing the book and an awesome pair of socks, all thanks to Emma marketing! This prompted me to start listening, from the beginning, to Alison and Scott's UnPodcast. Even though the older episodes are from a couple years ago, the overall messages about marketing still apply. Alison and Scott do a wonderful job of using real life examples of marketing wins and fails to illustrate larger ideas and practices that companies should know.

Favorite Idea: "Passion plus knowledge equals profit" episode 29

Incorporating The Value: A lot of what Alison and Scott talk about can be applied to anyone with a company. A large theme in the podcasts is making sure that the product you have is a great one, so that there are less issues to deal with.

They also talk about how having a passion for your business and product results in better sales (see above quote). I have seen this first hand with our own clients who really love their business. This passion tends to comes through when we have content meetings where we ask clients to talk us through their business and how they see their users. Clients who get excited about their business make me get just as excited about working with them.

Article: 6 Underused Content Marketing Strategies That Get Results by Sam Thomas Davies

What We Liked: The way the article is broken down into easy-to-digest tips with visual examples is great. And I really agree with all of these suggestions! Davies does a great job of explaining each tactic and why it is beneficial to use. Content is often the first thing to get overlooked, so reminding people that content doesn't have to be a big daunting task helps make it more manageable. Not to mention that using strategies that many people may overlook gives a bit of an advantage.

Favorite Quote: "It’s not always necessary to create new content; often, you just need to improve what existing content you have."

Incorporating The Value: Clients often feel overwhelmed by content. It's important to show them that there are ways we can use their existing content to boost marketing and get the most bang for their buck. The article reviews tactics like repurposing popular content, auditing content, and relaunching/updating old content, all things Aztek recommends to our clients on a daily basis.

Article: How to Do a Content Audit [Updated for 2017] by Everett Sizemore

What We Liked: This article did a really great job of walking through the steps of an audit with a focus on SEO. It also highlighted a lot of the tools I like to use in an audit, such as Screaming Frog, Google Analytics, and Excel.

Favorite Idea: Structuring the audit to have five distinct columns: URL, Title, Action, Details, and Page Type.

Incorporating The Value: At Aztek, I often do audits of our clients' sites, so it's always interesting to see how other people in the Content Strategy field approach this task. I really liked seeing things like which content should be ranking for which keywords, and undiscovered content marketing opportunities called out as a purpose of an audit. These are ideas that we talk to clients about and present in different ways, but that could be incorporated into audit findings as well.

I really enjoyed all of these resources, I hope you did too! Let us know what you thought or if you have any additional recommendations. You can tweet us at @aztekweb.