This resources roundup includes a podcast, an article, and an infographic. We love finding different mediums of ways to improve our work. Let's get to our favorites from this past month!

Article: Why Your Content Should Focus on Helping, Not Selling by Amy Murnan

What we Liked: This article is full of good tips about what kind of language should be used for certain types of content, accompanied by examples. Plus, the guidelines around not always using content to sell are ones that we try to stick to as a company.

Favorite Quote: "....the article is focused on its audience and their needs throughout. This presents a much more positive image than if Sujan spent the article talking about how great his business is!"

Incorporating the Value: As an agency that survives on selling services, it's important to remember that we don't always need to be overtly selling. Sometimes it's good to keep in mind that valuable content helps potential clients see that we are here to help regardless of if we become their agency. Helpful content also builds trust. As Murnan mentions, no one wants to be sold to all the time. Simply having information that may answer someone's questions, without the possibility of a pitch, gives us a better image as an agency.

Podcast: Content Strategy Pitfalls Podcast: Tools by Alan Pringle

What we Liked: This podcast covered the issues with relying on tools during the content strategy process. It was full of good reminders that while tools can be extremely helpful, they can slow you down if you don't have a good idea of what you actually need from them.

Favorite Quote: "If the tool's not a fit, that doesn't make it a bad tool; it just makes it a bad tool for that project" - Sarah O’Keefe

Incorporating the Value: It's important to think through the types of tools we use and how we use them. Evaluating tools is an important part of making sure we are doing our jobs efficiently. Having just gone through a tool evaluation for our social media management system, we understand the ups and downs of finding what works. A good tip from this podcast was to have user stories ready so that you can use them to help evaluate a tool that is under consideration.

Infographic: A Brief History of Content Marketing by Outbrain

What we Liked: This infographic does a nice job of giving the high-level history of content marketing. In the digital age, we can often forget that content marketing is not a new concept and that it has actually been around for quite a while.

Favorite Quote: "If there’s one thing we can tell from content marketing’s timeline, it’s that good content stands the test of time. Whether you’re writing an agricultural magazine or starting a branded podcast, telling the best stories will give your brand a place in history."

Incorporating the Value: As a digital marketing agency, it's important for us to understand how the field has evolved. Knowing the history of content marketing makes us better able to explain it to our clients as well as gives us some extra points at fancy cocktail parties (just kidding, we don't go to those...but our cats seem to appreciate the fun facts).


We really enjoyed all of these resources, and hope you did too! Let us know what you thought or if you have any additional recommendations. You can tweet us at @aztekweb.