As web developers, there are many times we feel an interpreter is needed to help us more effectively communicate with clients. It is easy for us to forget not everyone speaks “technobabble” fluently and can understand when we use industry jargon like .NET, JavaScript or HTML and why they are important to their website project.

You shouldn't need a secret decoder ring to talk toa web developer

While all the terminology sounds confusing and could potentially be out of a Sci-Fi movie, their meanings and purpose for your website can be broken down into more digestible bites.

Who are Web Developers Really

First, let me explain who web developers really are and what we do for your website projects. Think of us as the framers of a new, custom-designed house. We are tasked with making your ideas for your website come to life and figuring out how technically we can make it act, respond and deliver the way you want it to. We decide, based on the actions you want your website to perform, which technologies your website needs, much like a custom home builder decides which materials are best suited to meet the design specifications. It is our job to ensure the website is strong and reliable enough to house the functions you outlined.

building a website, is like building a house

What Language Does Your Website Speak

At Aztek, all of our development is done in Microsoft’s .NET Framework, which has a very large development community and widespread technical support. This means a majority of the programming language used is C-Sharp (C#). This language allows us to write very maintainable and readable code that we can support for many years. With all the changes in technology, having the ability to support web code far into the future is a huge advantage.

Since we have a focus on web applications, we use JavaScript quite a bit to help us manipulate data on web pages. JavaScript is a programming language that is executed entirely within the browser (Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox) you are using and has a significant impact on the user’s overall experience with the website. Think of JavaScript as the electrical and plumbing in the house. The systems are installed within the home, but you have to interact with it to make something happen, like completing a form or pressing a button.

Programming languages can be coupled together in certain scenarios to enhance the functionality of an application. For example, when you need to collect user data entries, with JavaScript you can alert the user that the telephone number they entered is not in the correct format. In this instance, C-Sharp and JavaScript work together to build the foundation of the page, load it and have an action happen on the page when a user interacts with it.

While the coding language of developers may seem like Greek to you, know that when you work with a responsible development team like Aztek’s, you’re getting top-notch work that not only helps your site function the way your visitors expect it to, but one that generates more revenue. That’s a concept everyone can grasp. 

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