FanConnect is a new technology developed by Bling Nation, a pioneer in NFC (near-field communications). You may have already seen its mobile phone stickers that are already being used to make mobile payment at participating merchants. Bling Nation has taken this a step further with its introduction of the FanConnect platform which enables business to connect directly with consumers on Facebook and Foursquare.  It as simple as a customer waving his/her phone near the store's NFC reader.

NFC is a technology that may very well replace credit cards in the future, as it can handle data transfer for financial transactions. Bling Nation embeds this technology into stickers and many mobile phones already include this technology.

FanConnect provides benefits for consumers and businesses alike. Customers with access to a "Bling Tag" can "like" a business on Facebook which then allows them to post rewards to their Facebook page, redeem coupons and promotions as well check in on Foursquare. In turn, businesses can get access to detailed analytics on their customers allowing them to better target their marketing tactics and promotions. 

This technology can be accessed through the use of NFC stickers, which are needed for consumers without NFC-equipped mobile phones or by using phones that come equipped with the NFC technology. NFC phones are increasingly becoming more available in the US.

Keep this in mind the next time you are planning to purchase a new cell phone- you don't want to be the only one who isn't "blinging".

So, do you bling?