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How to Use Instagram for B2B Digital Marketing

It can be a general misconception that Instagram works best as a B2C marketing tool versus B2B. While Instagram is certainly an ideal visual network for B2C companies, Instagram can also be a successful B2B marketing channel when the right strategies or tactics are in place.

According to TrackMaven’s research, B2B companies experience their largest engagement ratios on Instagram. When used effectively, Instagram can be a strong visual marketing channel for your brand, as well as an opportunity to build a new following or engage with your existing audience through a channel outside of typical B2B-centric social networks – like LinkedIn. If your B2B organization is considering whether there are benefits to building a presence on Instagram or you’re simply unsure where to start, we’ve compiled our tips below for how you can best use Instagram in your marketing strategy.

Showcase Your Company Culture

Instagram’s highly visual nature presents a great opportunity for brands to showcase their company culture and tell their brand story. Who are you? What do you do? What are your values? Rather than simply stating the core services you offer or pushing your audience to content-heavy examples, your Instagram channel can show your audience what your brand stands for.

Additionally, Instagram can also work to better represent the employees and faces that make up your brand. Your customers like to do business with people, and Instagram can offer a human-oriented display of your company culture. A few examples could include:

  • Employee spotlights
  • Accomplishment features
  • Team-building activities or events
  • Community involvement

Use Graphics to Highlight Stats on the Industry

Though you may not be able to easily showcase a new blog post written by your organization in a user’s feed the way you would through other social networks, this doesn’t mean Instagram can’t still be a place to knowledge-share and highlight industry expertise. Following your own organization’s brand guidelines, you can create compelling images or graphics that spotlight statistics, thoughts, or positions. This approach allows your brand to still share valuable information as a thought leader in the space, but in a visually appealing way that is summarized in short graphics vs. a long-form piece of content.

Engage with Your Followers and Industry Accounts

Maintaining activity on your Instagram account is one thing but engaging in two-sided conversations is another. While it can be “easy” to put out information frequently, remember that audiences who choose to comment or respond to your posts are also key to driving success on your channel. Building conversations and responding timely to those potential customers who engage with your brand can help establish a loyal Instagram community.

When opportunities arise to engage with other brands or industry leaders, it can be beneficial to engage elsewhere, too. Not only does it bring personality to your organization but can also increase visibility to other potential customers as you expand your reach and involvement on Instagram.

Use Specific Industry Hashtags

If you want to further reach your audience on Instagram, hashtags are a tactic that shouldn’t be ignored. Although Instagram may allow for up to 30 hashtags in your posts, choosing limited, specific, and focused hashtags catered toward the industry subject of your post can have a much stronger outcome in reaching relevant audiences.

For some organizations, considering a branded hashtag that is unique to your business may also be a useful approach for encouraging audience participation or growing exposure. Utilizing branded hashtags within your own content can help build awareness to your brand while also encouraging others to contribute to the conversation or share their own visuals by using your hashtag.

Leverage Video to Speak to Expertise

B2B companies can and should take advantage of video on Instagram. One of the easiest ways for your audience to grasp your services or see the impact is by simply showing them. If your business has high-quality videos available to share with your audience that emphasize the features or differentiators of your brand and culture, this content can be extremely well-suited for Instagram. Remember to keep your videos―to 30 seconds or less―so you don’t lose any of the attention you have captivated.

Engage Real-Time with Instagram Stories

Whether it’s short clips around the office or preview videos to a post, Instagram’s Story feature is another tactic within the platform that can increase engagement or exposure for B2B companies. If your posts are not reached by a user within their feed, having your Story reach a user at the top of their feed presents another avenue for visibility. It can also highlight your brands personality or simple “happenings” around the office in real-time rather than only publishing

Using Instagram for Your B2B Organization

There may be several approaches B2B companies can take to growing a successful Instagram profile, but it’s always important to remember that Instagram may not necessarily be right for every digital marketing strategy. Take time to dive into the differences of each social network to understand which social channel(s) may be ideal to help reach your business goals. If you have the resources and time dedicated to representing your brand frequently with high-quality content, then exploring Instagram as a B2B channel may be worth the investment.

Need help creating an Instagram strategy for your B2B organization? Give us a call today! Our social media experts are ready to lend a hand to help you better engage your community, tell your brand’s story, and expand your reach.