Aztek Beaver Creek Presentation August 20th, 2009
Thanks again to everyone who was able to attend Thursday’s presentation of Social Media Successes and Failures. For those of you who are interested, here a few of the links and videos we mentioned in yesterday’s examples.


Consumer Reports delivers product reviews with online video
News media group allows Individualized news service
Target Stores allow their facebook fans vote on what cause to donate millions to
Samsung places 10,000 copies of their product in one room
Guys back flipping into Levi’s jeans
SUN CEO Jonathan Schwartz’s blog
Starbucks lets users send in their idea and vote on the best one
Zappos leads the way in corporate Twittering
Graco fosters a community around their products and brand by allowing customers to share their experience on Flickr


Loctite facebook page lack real fan participation
Skittles homepage twitter feed
United Breaks Guitars
Motorola Crave plants positive comments on tech blogs about their products
General Motors Lets users create their own advertisements

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