The Situation

The other day I got a call from a prospect who asked me to send him our search engine optimization (SEO) quote. His primary goal was to rank for specific keywords on the first page of Google, in the state where his business operates.

A quick web proposal may not include what your business actually needs

What’s Best for Your Business?

Search engine optimization isn’t what it used to be. You need to have content that is useful and usable, not just a website full of words you want to rank for. So, I told him that he should be thinking about improving his overall web presence, and SEO is only one part of it. Why invest in one element of your web presence, especially if the others aren't fit to carry their weight?


Assess Your Overall Web Presence

In this case, the website wasn't equipped to support web marketing initiatives. It offered a poor user experience, vague content, and unclear value propositions. And, it wasn’t mobile friendly. This company had huge expansion plans, but this website wouldn't be able to support that growth.

What Do You Really Need? 

It was clear that the first thing they needed was a new website. So I asked this business owner:

  • Why would you pay to have ads run on Google if your visitors will come from smartphones and your website isn’t mobile friendly? 
  • Why would you invest in SEO when your visitors will not understand how you can help solve their problems? 
  • Why would you invest in attracting more visitors when your current website has a sky-high bounce rate?

Getting a quote for search engine optimization was not going to help this company achieve their business goals in the long run. They needed a more comprehensive web strategy, a better understanding of their users, and a site that would support their company and web marketing efforts into the future. 

Quick Proposal, Quick Fix?

Yet, when I asked if he was looking at other companies he said, “Yes, three more…and they have already sent in their proposals”.

So be wary of quick proposals that only offer a quick fix. To achieve your desired business goals, you’ll need a comprehensive web presence and strategy. This applies to everything from choosing the right technology, to creating a great user experience, to providing useful, usable content, to attracting your desired audience, and more.

How are you measuring the impact of your web presence on your business goals? Are you losing out on part of your investment because some parts aren't carrying their weight?