You can understand a lot about current culture by browsing top-trending searches. Google has assembled a collection of the topics we searched for the most in 2012. As we can see from these search results, 2012 has been quite a year.

From the silly to the serious, from the awesome to the absurd—from Gangnam Style to Frankenstorm Sandy. We searched for it all.

We saw photos of inked fingers on voters in Egypt and videos of American presidential debates. We explored Big Bird and bayonets.

We learned that the Higgs Boson elementary particle exists and that a dollar makes Honey Boo Boo holler.

We remembered the first man to walk on the moon and the first American woman to visit outer space. We mourned a woman with a voice as big as the sky.

And Google helped us find what we were looking for.

Search On

What do you think was the most important search in 2012? Did you search on any of these topics?

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