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Digital Marketing Manager

The Digital Marketing Manager is responsible for the management and strategy of select Aztek Digital Marketing clients.

Overall strategy and direction will be provided on an ongoing basis and communicated with select clients and internally to Aztek team members. This includes development of quarterly game plans, monthly strategy updates, and ongoing tracking of success metrics and key performance indicators.

The Digital Marketing Manager is also responsible for delegating project work for select clients to internal Aztek employees based on fit, workload and expertise.

The Digital Marketing Manager will contribute to client success through active involvement in project work, including but not limited to content strategy, content production, social media planning and scheduling, and SEO/SEM oversight and assistance.

The Digital Marketing Manager should be firm yet flexible to ensure consistent communication with clients, while being sensitive to their ever-changing needs. They must be personable, self-motivated, and detail-oriented. This role will be responsible for being the main point of communication for select clients, as well as scheduling of ongoing calls and meetings.

Specific Responsibilities and Expectations

  • Provides overall strategic direction and planning for select clients
  • Responsible for developing monthly digital marketing plans and quarterly game plans according to a client’s business goals
  • Responsible for developing a measurement plan to identify success of efforts
  • Responsible for developing and updating monthly Digital Marketing analytics reports to send to select clients
  • Tactical project work, including content strategy, content production, social media planning and scheduling, and SEO/SEM
  • Responsible for setting up and scheduling select client meetings and internal meetings, including phone calls and web conferences through Webex
  • Responsible for ensuring digital marketing tasks are completed on time for select clients through consistent reminders and communication internally

Skills and Experience

  • Experience working in a digital marketing role
  • Experience in an account management role a plus
  • Attention to detail and excellent organization skills
  • People person with excellent communication skills
  • Experience with project management software
  • Experience working with content management systems a plus
  • Experience with Google Analytics or other Analytics platforms a plus