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3615 Superior Avenue, Suite 4404A
Cleveland, Ohio 44114

Front End Website Developer

Aztek is a full-service web design agency in Cleveland, Ohio. Our team thrives on a balance of hard work, collaboration, and creativity. We work with clients in a variety of industries, so you'll always be learning something new and impressing your trivia team.

We're looking for a Front end developer to design and build fast, responsive websites. You're perfect for this role if you're agile (on projects and in life) and enjoy working in both XD and Visual Studio.

When you apply (you know you want to...) include samples of your work that show how awesome you are at front end development.


When we say "work," what we mean is…

  • Build (and support) fast, responsive websites
  • Write HTML/CSS/JavaScript in Visual Studio
  • Work primarily with .NET based content management systems such as Umbraco, and nopCommerce 
  • Assist in the set up repositories, databases, build jobs, and Umbraco and nopCommerce systems.
  • Triage client requests, from new features to bugs
  • Pair-program
  • Present your work directly to a client in a sprint review and solicit feedback directly from clients
  • Work side by side in a cross-disciplinary environment with other developers and digital marketing team members
  • Participate in critiquing your work and the work of your peers in a constructive environment.
  • Read a lot, share a lot
  • Be expected to share knowledge, try new techniques
  • Attend industry conferences and meetups


  • Has a strong understanding of responsive web design techniques and technologies
  • Understands mobile first and content first design
  • Understand GIT based version control
  • Cares about building fast loading responsive websites
  • Is curious and asks a lot of questions
  • Cares about how the work they do affects their clients
  • Can write well
  • Learns fast, is constantly learning, and helping those around him/her to learn as well
  • Can effectively focus and prioritize multiple client projects in an agency environment
  • Has a basic understanding of SEO and usability best practices
  • Works well both collaboratively and independently
  • Is not afraid to try something they've never done before
  • Stays on top of industry trends and has a desire to contribute to the knowledge in the field
  • Gives and receives constructive criticism
  • Prepares for meetings
  • Is proactive, self-motivated, and accountable
  • Bonus: enjoys Star Wars, Monty Python, and a good hot sauce


Send a cover letter, resume, and relevant work samples/ URLs to [email protected].

In your cover letter include relevant information about your experience working on a recent content project. Mention a favorite blog, website, or hobby you enjoy and why. Tell us something that will give us an idea of who you are and how you work.

Not sure you're qualified for this position? Apply anyway. We're always looking for passionate people with a thirst for knowledge.

Questions about this position? Contact us at: [email protected]