Down with boring, fluffy content that doesn't speak to your audience. Invest in content that works for your business and your visitors

No one is just "browsing" on the Web.

What were you trying to accomplish the last time you visited a website? Were you trying to answer a question, find more information, or make a purchase? You had a specific task in mind to complete. So do your visitors.

Create content with a purpose, get rid of anything else.

Does this content:

  • Support your business goals?
  • Address your user needs?

If not, consider re-purposing or removing. Less content is easier to maintain. We can help you audit what you have and determine what to keep.

Content is a Main Cause
of Project Delays

grammar guy

With no content, you can't launch your website. You must resist the temptation to say “We'll work out the content later”.

Content is an iterative process that takes time (probably more than you think)

iterative process

Google says they prefer a responsive site (and that was in 2012). That should be all you need to hear. Read it for yourself

A typical workflow looks something like:

  1. Research
  2. Outline
  3. Write
  4. Review/ Revise
  5. Place on test site
  6. Review/Revise
  7. Approve to go live

Not including if you have to collect photos, review with a legal department, translate content, third party review, or more.

Estimate a minimum of four hours of work per page from start to finish.

Brain Traffic's core components'

People (and Content) Matter

It's not just the content that matters, people play a huge part in this process. Who owns this content? Who needs to see it before it's "approved?" How often will it need to be updated? These are all questions that can slow down the content process later if not addressed at the beginning.

The core components that Brain Traffic considers for every content strategy. Graphic © brain traffic

So what do we do to help you with your content?

content marketing

Content is the "why" marketing is the "how"

People come to your site for the content, but how do they find it? Content marketing lays out the tactics we'll use to achieve your established business goals and get visitors to take those desired actions.

Get more conversions with digital marketing

custom content

Not one-size-fits-all content management

We want to make it easy for you to update content and complete business tasks on your website. So we'll evaluate your needs at the start of the project and deliver a solution that works for you, now and into the future.

Content Management System (CMS) options

  • Proprietary Aztek content management system (Aztek CE)
  • Open source content management system (Umbraco, for instance)

We're awesome at teamwork

Yes, we can work with your advertising agency, your marketing team, and any other stakeholders who need to be involved. We'll clarify the workflow required, and be sure to keep everyone in the loop.

content cost

Who writes the content? How much does content development cost?

Quality content takes time. You'll need to figure out if your team has time to create it, or assign funds for an external resource to help you out.

We can help you create content, get connected to writing resources, or provide proofreading and editing along the way. You choose what's best for you and your business.

What will you do to improve our content?

Our content first approach includes research upfront to guide the entire project. Depending on your goals, we'll suggest any number of the following available services:

  • Content inventory and audit
  • Competitor and gap analysis
  • Persona research and development
  • Keyword research and recommendations
  • New content creation
  • Content proofreading and editing
  • Editorial calendar creation
  • Content marketing

Not sure what a content inventory is? Don't fret. We're happy to explain and answer any questions. Let's chat.

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