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Digital Marketing for Brewery Suppliers

The craft beer business is booming, and with that comes the growth of businesses that supply equipment and services to breweries of all sizes. Our digital marketing services have been proven to increase traffic and exposure, lead generation, and revenue.

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Equipment & Supplies

Proven Brewery Audience Targeting

Aztek has developed unique audience targeting strategies to reach buyers at breweries of all sizes. Our team leverages the following digital marketing strategies to capture the attention and interest of your audience:

Digital Advertising

Aztek has identified and built audiences that specifically target those in the brewery business, while carefully excluding those outsides of the target audience, such as home brewers. We leverage social advertising platforms like Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn to leverage demographic and interest-based targeting. We also use paid search advertising through Google and Bing to find buyers that are searching for your products by keyword.


Independent and craft brewers are entrepreneurs. Remember, they’re constantly learning about and finetuning their craft, so it’s natural that they’re hungry for information. We help businesses gain search visibility to ensure that they’re found. Then, we help them produce a constant stream of valuable content that connects your buyers with your industry and products.

Lead Generation

Once we get visitors to your site, it’s important to ensure that they’re calling, contacting you, or somehow identifying themselves so you can start a conversation with them. Aztek can help you identify anonymous visitors and turn visitors into leads through gated content and conversion rate optimization.