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Facebook & Instagram Lead Generation Program

Generating qualified leads can often take significant time and investment. With over 200 million users across Facebook and Instagram, there’s ample opportunity to reach your ideal customer. Aztek has developed a proven system for targeting your specific audience and generating qualified leads. Through a quick discovery call or meeting, we'll gain an understanding of your organization and services, your audience, and the messaging that will need to be used to attract qualified leads.

What's included:

Development of creative and messaging (3 ad variations)*
Development of content to be used with campaign
Identification and targeting of audience
Development of Lead Generation Forms
Set up of Lead Generation notifications
3-page report of campaign performance on a per month basis
Integration of lead generation notifications with additional systems*
Insights Tag Implementation*

* Integration with additional systems (example: CRM) can be added for an additional fee

*Video/ animation creation available for an additional fee
* Insights Tag implementation for enhanced tracking may be implemented for an additional fee 

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