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SEO Audit

Improve your website's organic search performance with an SEO Audit. Whether you've recently redesigned your site, haven't checked in on your search performance, or are just getting started, we can provide you with a clear roadmap to identify issues, opportunities and an action plan moving forward.



What's Included:

Keyword/Topic Analysis Are you driving traffic from search engines for the keywords and topics that are most important to your business? Find out how do you compare to your top competitors and which keywords are driving the most traffic to your site.
On-Page Optimization Are your pages and content optimized for search engines, both in terms of what visitors can see and what’s behind-the-scenes? We’ll scrub your site for issues and opportunities.
Off-Page Optimization Are other valuable sites linking back to your content? Are you showing up in relevant industry directories and publications? We’ll show you how you stack up against competitors and which referral sources are driving traffic to your site.
Technical Issues Are there issues with the structure of your site, code, content or images that are limiting your ability to drive search traffic? We’ll make recommendations on how to clean these up to be in Google’s best graces.
Mobile Responsiveness Just one of the signals that Google uses to rank sites and pages, is your site easy to use on mobile devices? We’ll run mobile tests on the site to identify potential issues and opportunities.
Site Speed Another one of Google’s signals, does your site load fast enough that users won’t become frustrated and leave? Do you meet Google’s site speed standards? We’ll show you how you stack up and make recommendations for how to speed up your site.
Local SEO Review If you’re a local/regional business, how do you stack up against local competitors? Are you showing up on maps? Is your business represented consistently throughout location-based directories? We’ll do the dirty work and show you the local landscape and where your business stands within it.
Accessibility Review If your site has accessibility issues, it can be penalized by search engines. Ensure that your website is compliant and accessible.



Comprehensive Report You'll receive a comprehensive report with metrics, findings and insights on all of the areas we audit.
Consulting Meeting/Call We'll walk you through the results of your SEO audit, and provide you with a strategy to resolve issues take full advantage of the SEO opportunities in front of you.

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