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Showcase your company and products with online web video production

If a picture is worth a thousand words, a video is worth like, a billion.

Great video doesn’t just help showcase your company and its services… it also leads to more online conversions. Today’s web visitors expect to see professionally-produced video content on your site, and they’re more likely to trust your brand when they find it.

Face the facts: some people prefer watching video to reading

There's no doubt about it: adding original video to your website is a great way to increase leads, get visitors to hang out longer, and improve your search engine rankings. And great web videos aren't just useful on your own site; they can also be repurposed to improve engagement on social channels like YouTube, Facebook, LinkedIn and more.

Not sure what your video should be about?

There are many opportunities for relevant video on your site that will captivate your target audience: company overviews, products and services, testimonials, case studies and more. One of our mottos at Aztek is "there's no such thing as a boring company," and we take pride in producing engaging, professional, entertaining web videos for clients regardless of their industry and services.

Everything is taken care of

Aztek and its partners have the ability to oversee the entire video production process, including script writing, onsite filming, animation creation, and voice-over work. We also handle the distribution, promotion and placement of this video in the most appropriate marketing channels. After all, the process of creating your web video should be fun and easy-to-understand.

Aztek helped Apple Growth Partners create this service overview video that tells their company’s story to prospective clients, and we can do the same for you.