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3615 Superior Avenue,
Cleveland, Ohio 44114

Alex Bieler

Arranger of Words and Stuff (Senior Copywriter and Editor)

"“Writing is easy. All you have to do is cross out the wrong words.”"

— Mark Twain

fun facts

  • Is the managing editor for PressureLife
  • Has edited a book that's in Library of Congress
  • Was butt-dialed by Bill Nye the Science Guy
  • Distantly related to Jonathan Freeman, the man who did the voice of Jafar
  • Was taller than every teacher he every had, aside from his first grade teacher
  • Never had a stuffed animal as a child, yet loves stuffed animals and once was a seasonal worker at Build-a-Bear


  • West Side Market: So many good things in one amazing place.
  • Vero and Harlow's: Top two pizza places in Cleveland.
  • Pier W: The best cliff-entrenched boat-turned-restaurant around. The happy hour is a steal.
  • L'Albatros: Get the cheese board. Be happy.
  • My bed: It's pretty comfy.

industry resources

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