Joe Tutak

Joe Tutak Business Development


Cleveland Favorites

  • Cedar Point:  “America’s Roller Coast” . . .  My four kids and I usually get season passes every year and would often end up there every other weekend.  (Being tall for their ages, my daughters have been riding the Magnum 200XL since they were only four years old! ‘Boys since age six.)
  • Playhouse Square:  2nd-largest theater district in the US, and I’m a theater-goer & participant
  • Lorain County Metroparks:  The “Emerald Necklace” has so much to offer, and my boys and I like climbing the rocks at Cascade Park
  • University Circle:  Top-notch museums.  My oldest daughter loves history
  • Saint Edward High School’s Br. James Everett C.S.C. Football Field, Lakewood: GO EAGLES!

Fun Facts

  • “I’m not a real actor, but I play one on TV” ...  ‘Semi-professional actor, seen in national commercials and local theatre; member of the Board of Directors of LCMT (Lorain Community Musical Theatre)
  • In 1986, became the 2nd youngest inductee into the International Brotherhood of Magicians.  (The youngest was a guy named David Kotkin, aka. David Copperfield.)
  • Assistant youth football coach in Elyria, primarily to benefit my retirement plan:  my son whose goal since age 2 has been to play professionally in the NFL, and, when he retires, be a pro-golfer!
  • My four kids’ first names all begin with the letter, “E,” purely by accident!

Industry Resources

  • LinkedIn: Great place to share information, network, make new business contacts, and stay in touch with old ones
  • Facebook: Amazing to see all the latest trends in digital marketing and social media in action. Our clients, your customers, (and your competitors) are there – why aren’t YOU?  (Yes, even your BUSINESS!)
  • Forbes, Wall Street Journal, Crains, etc.: ‘Helps to know what’s going on in the world!
  • Bible: Again, ‘helps to know WHAT’S GOING ON in the world!
“It’s kind of fun to do the impossible.”
Walt Disney