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Cleveland, Ohio 44114

Jon Vokes

Front-end Designer / Developer

Jon is a front-end designer and developer at Aztek. He specializes in UX/UI design and has experience working with HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP and CMS systems. Before joining Aztek Jon was a senior interactive designer at Marketing Directions Inc.

Jon earned a bachelor of fine arts degree in graphic design from the Cleveland Institute of Art. Jon enjoys creating music and has played bass in several bands.

"A wise man can learn more from a foolish question than a fool can learn from a wise answer."

— Bruce Lee

fun facts

  • I played a lot of Street Fighter 2 as a kid and it prompted me to ask for karate lessons so I could learn to throw fireballs. I now have a black belt in Chinese Kenpo, but still can’t throw fireballs, sadly.


  • Carol and Johns comic book shop:
    Being an avid comic book collector, I frequent the shop and visit the knowledgeable and friendly staff!
  • Bradley Woods Reservation (Cleveland Metroparks)
    I love taking my family here and watching my daughter get excited about seeing the ducks.

industry resources

  • Stackoverflow – A good resource to see how people think when writing code with examples of what and what not to do.
  • MDN Web docs – Always good to have a resource of how things can basically function.