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Cleveland Favorites

  1. Progressive Field – Love the Indians and baseball in General.
  2. Stone Mad Pub – Grab a Magner’s and enjoy!
  3. Jacobs Pavilion – Great summer venue (Watched Paul Simon @ 75 years old put on a stellar performance).

Fun Facts

  1. I’m a huge Thoroughbred Horse Racing fan. Goal of mine is to own a race horse in the near future. My grandpa/uncles would take me as a youngster and I’ve been involved ever since.
  2. Lived in Charleston, SC for 6 years (Moved back to Cleveland for the weather…not)
  3. I’m a red head, left-handed, and have blue eyes. I’ve been told that’s rare. 

Industry Resources

  1. Gary Vaynerchuk – Fan of his content and overall digital presence. Read the book CRUSH IT! 
  2. – Enjoy following the start-up scene and everything that goes along with starting, running, and growing a business.
  3. Team Aztek – I work with industry leaders every day. Need I say more.
“All Knowledge is Interesting to a Wise Man”
Matthew Arnold