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conCHAIRto: mobile app, website, and backend administration

conCHAIRto is an exciting new startup that needed the full spectrum of a consumer mobile app, marketing website, and backend administration for their business. All custom development, tailored to their business.

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Conchairto Mobile App
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Conchairto Website

conCHAIRto provides an innovative solution for chair rentals to outdoor music festivals and events.

The challenge was that as a startup, they were still figuring out how the business would work, let alone the rules for the software Aztek's developers would build. The advantage of custom app development is that in addition to tailoring all the logic to conCHAIRto's unique business idea, we were able to help iron out real-world challenges they would face that nobody had confronted yet, building in the solutions before the problems could even arise.

The software that Aztek built powers every aspect of the business. From the app the consumer uses to rent a chair, the app the conCHAIRto employees use on-site at the event to facilitate the rental, the marketing website, and a back-end web app to administer the business itself.


  • Payment processing
  • Messaging
  • Cloud architecture/storage
  • Scanning and QR generation
  • iOS/Android platforms
  • Azure DevOps CI/CD

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