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Bet you didn't know you can "Build Your Own Thermocouple" online.

GeoCorp makes thermocouples—but not just any old thermocouples.

GeoCorp manufactures really accurate, high-end thermocouples for heat treating really important parts. Like things that go in airplanes for critical functions. The average person probably doesn't know this, but at this level, these are not the kind of thermocouples you just order off a shelf. If you need the kind of thermocouples GeoCorp sells, you're gonna want to configure every last option. That's why Aztek created the crown jewel feature of GeoCorp's website: a "Build Your Own Thermocouple" feature that let users do just that. After you've built your thermocouple, you can send it in to GeoCorp to get a quote.

After creating this themocouple builder and redesigning the website, we moved into promotion and digital marketing. Our team reworked their AdWords campaigns to increase website leads. We also rewrote content for the initial redesign and optimized the website for organic traffic.

the results

To be considered successful, every project must meet or exceed its goals. Here’s how this one is performing.


Quote submissions, from 23 to 46 per month


Sessions from organic search traffic


Thermocouple product builder pageviews


Quote submissions from the thermocouple builder


overall website sessions (2016 vs 2015)


Product builder sessions (2016 vs 2015)


Quote submissions (2016 vs 2015)


Product builder quote submissions (2016 vs 2015)

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