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GLAS Funds

Making the complex world of alternative institutional investing feel easy.

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GLAS Funds is a company offering a big new idea in the world of investing.

They found a way to simplify the process of investing in institutional alternative investments. Not only did they create a way to offer certain types of investments to an entirely new class of investors, but they also reduced the old 40 pages of paperwork down to one. The website needed to communicate this difference in a way that was as simple and direct as their business idea.

Aztek's solution focused on distilling and re-distilling the message down until it was irreducible. The world of alternative institutional investing can be full of complex language and terms and the website couldn't afford to get bogged down in jargon or overly complex (and boring) explanations. The result is a sleek, bold and direct experience that captures the essence of their big idea.


  • Google Tag Manager
  • Umbraco CMS
  • HTML 5 / CSS 3
  • Content Strategy
  • Microsoft .NET
  • SSL
  • Google Analytics
  • Javascript
Looks fantastic.

Good work to you and all your team, I truly appreciate the professional effort put forth to get this done, it is spot on.

You were all great!

— Michael Maroon

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