GMS As Ohio's no. 1 professional employer organization, Group Management Services needed a way to educate business owners on the services they provide.

For GMS, we took a content-first approach on the website redesign, starting out with audience research and understanding the challenges in the industry.

When GMS came to Aztek, they had a problem...visitors didn't understand what they did. And understandably so. What they do can be both complicated and foreign to many people, even the people who need GMS's services the most. We needed to let people know that PEO’s provide small businesses the resources to outsource all HR functions, allowing owners to focus on what matters.

Simplify the content, strengthen the design

For GMS, the content and the design went hand in hand to make their services more understandable and feel more approachable to their target audience.


Amplify with digital marketing

After the site launched, we then focused on our efforts on marketing. We developed a comprehensive strategy that includes search engine optimization, paid search, landing page development, new content creation and analytics.

project components

Every project is different and requires a range of components to accomplish the goals. Here’s what went into this one.

  • Responsive Web Design

  • HTML5

  • CSS3
  • .NET
    Microsoft .NET

  • SQL Server

  • Full Custom CMS

  • Salesforce Integration

  • Content Marketing

  • Social Media Optimization

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

  • Call Tracking

  • Social Media Advertising

the results

To be considered successful, every project must meet or exceed its goals. Here’s how this one is performing.

+25% website sessions (first year after launch)
-27% bounce rate (first year)
+32% conversions (first year)
+29% website sessions YoY (2nd year)
-15% bounce rate YoY (second year)
+22% website conversions (second year)
“I would be remiss to call Aztek a ‘vendor’, rather they are a ‘partner’. From the launch of the first project, to the ongoing support… Aztek's work has greatly impacted GMS internally and externally. The RETURN has far surpassed the INVESTMENT.”
Tim Austin