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St. Vincent

St. Vincent Charity Goes Responsive

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St. Vincent charity has been a client of aztek's for a long time.

This latest iteration of their website is the fourth redesign completed with Aztek. Each time we set out to do an overhaul, there is always some major goal(s) driving the project. This time, St. Vincent needed enhanced content management capabilities. With such a large site and so many custom website features over the years, it was no small task.

Much of the team's effort went into making sure that older features, on a completely different platform, translated to the CMS (Umbraco). On top of that, the client and Aztek's content strategy team worked to audit, combine, and refresh nearly every single page of content to simplify the navigation and make sure everything was up to date.

Hard work pays off.

Aztek never enters into projects to chase awards. It is our belief that the project must be done in the best interests of the client and their users first. In this case, it was the client who submitted the site to the Healthcare Marketing Awards and received national recognition (Silver) in the website category.

Healthcare marketing is shifting constantly, making it a challenge to keep up. Over the many years of our relationship with Aztek, we have turned to them as a partner in our web and web-marketing needs. Websites are the primary focus for most content marketing programs. Well before most hospitals were looking at responsive design for websites, Aztek was leading us through that process. They’ve also been a partner in implementing marketing automation for our campaigns. Their recommendations are spot on and have won us top industry awards. We appreciate their insights, expertise, leadership, service, and partnership.

— Wendy Hoke, Vice President Of Marketing And Communications

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