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Vizzle: Accessible website redesign and custom SaaS integration

A fresh look for their website that can drive more users to signup and purchase subscriptions with direct integration to their SaaS product.

Vizzle Desktop
Vizzle Mobile
Vizzle Tablet
Vizzle Responsive Website

It's really important that users get to try Vizzle's product during a free trial period.

And it's even more important that those same users have a frictionless experience when they decide to keep the product and sign up for a fully paid license. But in order to get them there, Vizzle needed to start at the top of the sales funnel and help their audience and influencers understand the value of their software solution over that of their competitors. So Aztek's team pulled all the necessary skill sets together. From Content strategy to design, accessibility, and development, the entire team worked to understand the user journey and purchase process to create a website that would facilitate the best of both worlds - a new website that gave the users what they wanted while still achieving the goals of the business.


  • Payment Processing API
  • Hubspot marketing automation
  • Client API
  • Umbraco CMS
  • WCAG AA accessibility compliance

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