YellowLite A Little UX and Tracking Goes a Long Way

How do customers decide if solar is right for them? By doing the math.

People considering solar power for their home or business have to be convinced of the economics of the investment. And what better way than with a solar calculator tool? YellowLite already had one, but it wasn't getting the results they hoped for.

It's not enough to have the solar calculator feature, it has to be easy

The old solar calculator experience was complex. Aztek's mission was to boil the tool down to its essential functions and make it understandable to a novice.

This was no small feat because a lot goes into the calculation: roof size, sun exposure, desired amount of electricity off-set, and more. Then after a user fills all that out, they compare different solar roof systems.

If we can show the customer that the numbers work, a strong call to action will deliver a qualified lead to the Yellowlite sales team, who can take it from there.


Tracking with Google Tag Manager (GTM)

We installed Google Tag Manager (GTM) to make tracking more accessible for the YellowLite team. In addition to the basic GTM setup, we added custom event tracking to monitor when users were abandoning the solar calculator form.

project components

Every project is different and requires a range of components to accomplish the goals. Here’s what went into this one.

  • Responsive Web Design

  • HTML5

  • CSS3

  • Umbraco CMS
  • .NET
    Microsoft .NET

  • SSL

  • 3rd Party Integrations

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

  • Google Analytics Implementation

  • Call Tracking
  • Google Tag Manager
    Google Tag Manager
  • Google Data Studio
    Google Data Studio

the results

To be considered successful, every project must meet or exceed its goals. Here’s how this one is performing.

+172% Third quarter organic search traffic increase compared to the same quarter from the previous year.
10% Conversion Rate for Solar Calculator Quote Completion (this was not tracking on the old site).
+105% Organic keywords ranking in national search results. Comparing the month before the redesign and three months after launch.