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Competitor Audit

Gain a competitive edge to your digital strategies by gathering visibility into how your presence compares to your strongest competitors.


Ad Spend Review

Learn where your organization stacks up against your top 2 competitors by discovering what competitors are advertising, where, and with what budgets.

SEO Review

Are your competitors outranking you in search engines? We'll show you where you have huge opportunities to overtake your competitors by researching keywords, rankings, and search opportunities for your organization.

Traffic Comparison

Wondering how the volume of traffic coming to your website compares to your competitors? Our team will show you, and provide recommendations on how to increase your traffic strategically. 

Social Media Review

How are your competitors performing in the social media space? Have they implemented strategies that you might want to consider? We'll look at the networks, audiences and social metrics for comparison.

Site Speed

In an age of short attention span, speed is critical. Did you know that Google also judges sites based on their site speed? We'll outline how your site is currently performing and how well it competes with your competitors.

Digital Software Usage

Are your competitors utilizing marketing, tracking or industry software on their websites that you should be considering? We'll open the hood and share the secrets behind the technology that they're using, in addition to evaluating your existing web technology stack.

In a competitive digital landscape, being more visible than your competitors can give you an advantage.

When prospective customers are shopping for your products and services, you can assume that they're looking at your website in addition to 2-3 of your competitors. 

So, how do you know how you stack up? Aztek's Competitor Audit provides a comprehensive analysis of your position in the digital space compared to that of your competitors. Your comprehensive report will be filled with metrics, findings, and insights on all of the areas we audit, so you can walk away with a competitive advantage to develop or redirect strategies in the digital space.

Our Process

Having been in the business for over 20 years, we know what works and what doesn't. Whether your website has just a handful of pages or too many to count, no project is too big or small for our team to handle.

Research & Competitive Evaluation
Metrics & Benchmarks
Insights & Strategy Recommendations
Discuss Findings & Implement