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Analytics & Reporting

Our web analytics and reporting services help you identify the information you need to make insightful business decisions.

Let's uncover the right metrics for your organization.

Having a good understanding of how your website is performing is a critical part of any successful marketing strategy. Different stakeholders, from C-Level to marketers to sales functions, all need to see different information. Aztek's analytics and reporting dashboard can help you reveal business opportunities through your existing data.

Our experts work with you to develop a custom report and live dashboard that shows the important metrics your organization needs. With our dashboard, your team will have the analysis necessary to make strategic decisions, observe trends, and keep stakeholders at all levels of the organization informed.

What's Included

  • Development of custom dashboard in Google Data Studio
  • Data integration with Google Analytics, Search Console, Google Ads
  • Customization of metrics to be included

Dashboard includes custom metrics for:

  • Organic Traffic
  • Search Keywords
  • Paid Advertising (if applicable)
  • Social Media

Up to three sources included, up to six reporting pages included

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