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Content before everything else

Content is the single most important aspect of your website. Without it, there is nothing to design, nothing to promote, and no reason for your audience to care.

Your content needs purpose. Period. If you look at your content and you can't identify what the purpose of it is, chances are it lacks strategy. This doesn't help your business and it certainly doesn't help users coming to your website.

Think of it this way: What were you trying to accomplish the last time you visited a website? Were you trying to answer a question, find more information, or make a purchase? You had a specific task in mind to complete. So do your visitors.

What Can You Do to Improve My Content?

Our typical content strategy work flow works like this:

  1. Review your current content, either through an assessment or a content audit or inventory.
  2. Hold stakeholder interviews, either with you (the client) and/or with your users or customers.
  3. Conduct a competitive analysis of competitors.
  4. Based on all the information gathered from the first three steps, create personas and user journeys to help us understand your users.
  5. Create a new sitemap for the website. This helps us organize your site to give your users the best experience.
  6. Begin content outline. This gives us an idea of what kind of content will go on each page and create a road map for content creation.
  7. Content Creation
  8. Content Marketing

That seems like a lot of work!

It is! There is a lot of parts that go into the content strategy (steps 1-6) before we begin to create content. Be prepared for lots of face time with our team. You should start to think of us as friendly faces here to guide you through the content process.

Writing the content

We offer content creation, which can help take the burden off you and your team. Instead of seeing content as something you have to fit into your already busy schedule, we can take the bulk of the work. With your input and all of the work that went into the content strategy, we will create content that is fresh, new, and speaks to your users.