It's Cool, We've Helped Bring in Profits for Over a Decade

Timco has worked with Aztek for longer than some firms have been in business.

What started out as a redesign project turned into pay-per-click, and then content marketing, with other ideas still on the table.

We've helped Timco track down to the profit margin on their digital marketing efforts, and it has paid off. We re-vamped materials pages so they are easier to read and navigate.

Project Components

Digital Marketing
Search Engine Optimization
Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
Call Tracking
Call Tracking

The Proof

To get super accurate ROI numbers, Timco helps us complete the sales loop after a user completes an action on their website. They report back on revenue from closed leads and give credit to the appropriate source. We even go as far as tracking a running profit on their account, considering not only revenue, but expenses necessary to maintain the campaigns.

36% increase in revenue

95% increase in running profit
Traffic & Engagement

65% increase in organic search traffic
36% increase in unique pageviews
15% increase in time on page