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6 Ways To Step Up Your E-Commerce Game

There are many reasons to love giant e-commerce retailer Amazon and the shopping experience they provide.

On Amazon you can:

  • Find what you want
  • View products before purchasing
  • Get reasonable / competitive prices (usually)
  • Check out in one click
  • Expect quick delivery, typically 2 to 3 days
  • Get free shipping with Prime

While you probably won't receive as much traffic or sales as Amazon, we'll share six ways you can increase your revenue by enhancing your e-commerce presence.



How Basketball Explains Attribution Modeling

Is Your Website Helping Your Business?

Finding ways to increase conversion rates online is a top priority for many businesses. Whether it's driving new leads, selling products online, or having someone sign up for a newsletter, we're big fans of the marketing channels that generate the highest number of conversions.

When a customer completes an action that you've defined as valuable, these customer actions are called conversions. - Google AdWords Help

But what do you do with those channels that struggle to meet your conversion goals? Are they necessarily a bad thing? These questions can be better answered using a powerful tool called, "attribution modeling."

To better explain this concept, I'm using the help of a favorite pastime of mine... sports!

Image of a basketball hoop. Find out more about how basketball can help explain attribution modeling.


Three Reasons Designers Will Like Umbraco

Why Umbraco?

We’ve been using Umbraco as Aztek's content management system (CMS) of choice for over a year — and not just because it’s free and open source. It's also created opportunities for our front-end developers that used to require the resources of our back-end devs. Thanks to Umbraco we’re able to offer more custom functionality, a better user experience, and a quicker turnaround time for the client.

Do-It-All Designers

At Aztek our designers are more like front-end developers and graphic designers. We go from Photoshop to HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. You might be more of a visual designer who only uses Photoshop, or maybe you're a designer who also does some front-end development. Either way, these tips show you the power you'll have as a designer using the Umbraco content management system.

Image of designer muscles. With Umbraco designers can learn code quickly to expand their capabilities.


Why You Should Invest In A Great Website Design

Today, an astounding 93 percent of B2B buying decisions start with online research. Often, your website is the first touchpoint your prospective clients have with your company. Further, customers are not contacting companies until they're 57 percent of the way through their decision-making process. Based on these numbers, more than half of the sales process happens online. To have a conversation with your prospective client in today's marketplace, your website has to do the initial selling for you. And it turns out, the look and feel of your website plays a much bigger part in the process than you ever thought was possible.

website design


How Haters Can Make You Great: Responding to Customer Comments

While many companies believe they provide excellent customer support, their customers don't necessarily agree. According to marketing consultant extraordinaire Jay Baer, only 8 percent of customers feel like businesses provide good customer support experience.

Image of an angry customer. Responding to customer comments can help with customer retetnion and give you ideas for content.

Some unhappy customers may walk away grumbling to themselves, but others may decide to take their vitriol to the Interwebs. You may not be able to control what your customers say online, but you can always respond to them. Don't fear the comments, use them to your advantage.


Don’t Get Blinded By Distraction Metrics In Digital Marketing

In Digital Marketing, It’s All About Conversions

While other metrics are important — things like keyword rankings, bounce rate, and social media followers — you shouldn’t let them blind you from what matters most.

Many digital agencies focus on these less significant elements in client reporting. I call them “distraction metrics,” because they’re just that: distractions from what matters most.

If you’re not making money, then it doesn’t matter if you rank well for a specific keyword phrase. If you’re not getting qualified leads, then having thousands of likes on your Facebook page is meaningless.

digital marketing metrics and ROI


UX: Are You Just Like Your Users?

One of the hardest biases to overcome on a web project is assuming that every user is just like you. While this may be the easiest and most familiar lens to look through, it is often not the best one.

Over the years, we've found that this outlook can be one of the largest and most dangerous UX missteps. This approach disregards your everyday users and market research in favor of a singular outlook.

Image of a woman looking into a mirror. But remember, not every website user is like you. Learn how to overcome bias in web design.


Why YouTube Should be Your Video Service of Choice

Let's talk about video

According to a study by Cisco, video will be responsible for 80 percent of global internet traffic by 2019. While a lot of that traffic can be attributed to online streaming services like Netflix and Hulu, a significant portion belongs to "short-form content" — YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook, and other video services. These services are not just a vehicle for bad lip syncs and cat videos; many businesses regularly use them to engage with customers and provide great content.

Image of a video camera. Find out why businesses are using YouTube as their video service of choice.

So what video service should you use?

Before we talk about that, let's talk about WHY you should be using video to promote your business.


My Life As An Aztek Intern

"How'd You Get Here?"

About two months ago, I was in the market for a new internship. Being a Cleveland local, I decided that I would poke around online and see what I could find. My goal was to find somewhere I could learn, expand my skill set, and hopefully have a little bit of fun while I was at it. I stumbled across Aztek's website and filled out a contact form. Pretty soon this lead to an email from Aztek's CCO himself, Dave Skorepa.

Turns out, my timing couldn't have been better, because Aztek was in the final stages of preparing their internship program. After a few emails back and forth with Dave, I interviewed and got my official offer letter in the mail a few days later. I was all set to start on the first day of spring semester, and I was equal parts nervous and excited.

Image of Connor, Aztek's first intern, looking at his to-do board of sticky notes.

The First Day


Who You Gonna Call (Track)?

What is Call Tracking?

It's exactly what it sounds like. With call tracking, you'll know where your phone calls are coming from and what value they bring to your business.

“Call tracking is a technology which enables the pay per call business model, allowing the tracking of phone calls to be associated with performance-based advertising, and supplying additional analytic information about the phone calls. Call tracking is a method of performance review for advertising and/or staff.” – Google

Image of a phone booth. Are you using call tracking in your digital marketing efforts?

What are the Benefits of Call Tracking?

A call tracking service allows you to track which areas of your marketing (digital or offline) are performing well, and which areas you need to improve.