How Soon Will I See SEO Results?

It’s not uncommon for us to get this question from prospects who are considering an SEO campaign: “If I do SEO, how soon will I get results?”


It’s a valid question to ask. After all, you’re considering spending money, and you want to know as soon as possible that you’re going to get a good return on investment.

Unfortunately, it’s not a question that can be easily answered. What we can tell you is that it’s not uncommon to see little or no return on your investment for as long as six months.


Web Marketing, S'mores, and a Teachable Moment

S'mores and inbound marketing

Recently, I was having a discussion with my brother-in-law about my job. He’s employed in a completely unrelated field, and from his perspective, I’m in the advertising industry. Because this conversation was happening while we were on vacation, instead of giving him a four-hour presentation about what I do, I simply said that I make “websites show up better for keywords in Google.” And then, having finished our brief conversation, we proceeded to happily eat s’mores around the campfire.

The more I reflect on this conversation, however, the more I wish I had spent just a little extra time explaining my profession because, while my brother-in-law no longer considers me to be part of the advertising industry, he now thinks that all I do is try to trick Google into ranking a website for a keyword. And in my opinion, that’s also a pretty poor understanding of what I do for a living.

So, in an attempt to reconcile with myself, I’ve decided to write the following post to help not only my brother-in-law, but you, our avid readers, secure a better understanding of what web marketing is and how it plays a role in the bigger marketing picture.


Aztek is Hiring a PPC Strategist

There are many benefits to pay-per-click advertising. It's trackable. It's extremely targeted. it has tremendous reach. It's customizable. And because of these benefits, it's a vital component of any web marketing campaign.

With this in mind, we are pleased to announce that we are looking to add a PPC Strategist to our Web Marketing team.

If you have track record of proven PPC success, a basic understanding of how all web marketing disciplines work together to achieve results, and are confident enough in your ability to work directly with clients, then the PPC Strategist role could be a good fit for you.

Want to learn more? Check out the PPC Strategist job description and send us your resume!

Aztek is Hiring a Content Strategist

Aztek is a full-service web marketing partner. And whether a company needs web design, web development, and/or web marketing services, keeping a strong focus on effective content will make any or all of those specialties more successful.

With this perspective in mind, Aztek is happy to announce that we are looking for a Content Strategist to join our team. Do you have prior content marketing experience? Do you understand how to write for the web? Do you feel comfortable explaining strategies to clients? If so, you could be a good fit for this position!

To learn more, check out the Content Strategist job description, then contact us. Please be sure to include a cover letter, resume, and writing samples.

We look forward to hearing from you!


Why Aren't My Title Tags Showing Up Properly in Google?

When a user makes a search query in Google, their first impression of a website is the title tag. An effective title tag will make it more likely that a searcher can find the most relevant content more quickly and with less frustration. In other words, Google can use title tags to promote a good user experience.

Unfortunately for Google, many websites ignore or under-utilize their title tags. To combat this, Google started looking for "clues" around these un-optimized pages to make inferences about what a good title tag would be.


Responsive Web Design vs. Mobile: Which Site is Right?

Unless you've spent the past few years hiding out in an underground bunker, odds are you’ve heard a thing or two about mobile.

More than 121 million smartphone users and 94 million tablet users are accessing the internet everyday: reading articles, finding local businesses, researching purchases, completing transactions.

You don’t want to give 215 million possible customers a subpar experience when they access your website on their mobile devices, do you?

Good. It’s time to talk responsive design.

Responsive web design cleveland


Google Announces Pending Smartphone Ranking Updates

On June 11, Google announced on its Webmaster Central blog that rankings would be impacted for sites that aren't properly configured for smartphone users.

Google, laying the smack down.

It's pretty easy to understand why Google is laying the smack down.


Get Your Data in Shape

Get your website data in shape

We've all been there (and if you haven’t, you will, you young, skinny thing you). You’re at the doctor’s office, and she says “Well, you’re doing OK, but you need to drop some weight.” We knew it was coming. We've seen the tummy, the love handles, the jowliness under the chin. And worse, we know what we have to do. It’s simple. Eat less ice cream. Eat more veggies. Get off our bums and walk somewhere once in a while. It’s simple.

But simple isn't always easy. Simple can be very hard (ask a failed tightrope walker). We don’t want to eat our veggies when a Dove Bar tastes so much better. We want Insanely Effortless Fat Loss tablets and the Ultra Mega No-Effort Ab Machine to work so we don’t have to. But they don’t. It isn't easy. Losing weight is hard work. But it will make us feel better and help us live longer.

So it is with data.



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