Pinterest for Business

Pinterest is now driving more traffic to sites than Reddit, LinkedIn, Google+ and YouTube combined.

With stats like this, Pinterest is quickly securing itself as a valid place for businesses to increase their visibility online. The latest analytics updates and site verification tools give businesses even more reasons to join the thriving community of pinners.


Video on the Vine

The dust hasn’t settled yet for Vine, an app released by Twitter in January. It’s still young enough that marketers (advertisers and brand ambassadors in particular) are figuring out how to use it, as its popularity soars. It's currently the top app on the iTunes store.

The app allows you to film six second videos. You read that right: six seconds. Reactions I’ve seen have gone from “This is a fresh revival of an art form!” to “This is really stupid.”


Do Not Click Here

If you are walking down the street, seeing what there is to see, you might happen upon a door. If the door has no signage, and nothing to indicate what is behind the door, you probably wouldn't want to open it. Even if the door has a sign that says 'Open Here,' if there is no clear reason to open the door, and if you don't know where the door leads, it's likely you wouldn't bother.

The same is true with links. Why would you want to click a link that says 'click here,' but offers no clue what you're clicking or where it would take you? Why would you bother?


Group Management Services: A Content and SEO Success Story

Content and SEO

So you're a company that provides a great service. This service is proven to save your customers time and money. But your target audience doesn't fully understand your service or, even worse, they don't even know that your industry exists. To make matters more complicated, your website doesn't reflect the high level of quality that you provide to your existing customers. What do you do to grow?

Consider web marketing.


Social Media Policies

What are social media policies? Why are they important? Why would a company want—or need—a social media policy?

Check out the answers to these questions and more in my guest post for ERC’s Insights Blog.

The post explores:

  • How social media policies establish guidelines for employees’ use of social media.
  • How policies can help protect employees and companies.
  • The first steps in starting a social media policy.


ERC logoERC offers HR consulting services, employee and job training, networking events, and more. ERC members receive a 10% discount on certain Aztek services.

"Social Media 01," ©2009 Rosaura Ochoa, used under a Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic license.

SEO: Checking Under the Hood

Organic search engine optimization has three parts:

  • Onsite optimization
  • Offsite optimization
  • Technical optimization

Technical SEO Looks Under the Hood

Onsite SEO includes elements like title tags and on-page content. Offsite means things like social media presence and sharing as well as inbound links. And technical optimization means things like XML sitemaps, URL structure, 404 error pages, and other web elements “under the hood.”


Penguin on the Prowl

Google Penguin Update

Fresh on the heels of Pat's announcement of the most recent Google Panda update, it looks like the other black-and-white animal-named update, known as Google Penguin, is also due for an update. More...

Panda on the Prowl

panda update

If you’re an avid reader of our blog, you’ve probably encountered something about the Google Panda update. If you’re not an avid reader (you should be!) or if you’re not familiar with Google Panda, it’s simply the name for a series of ranking formula updates aimed directly at sites with thin, poorly written, or duplicate content. More...

SEO Corral

White hat SEO

It is high noon at the SEO corral, and in the battle between white hat and black hat, it looks like Google is arming itself with a shiny new six shooter. Google has been granted a patent for technology that uncovers hidden text and hidden links on web pages.


Timco Rubber: A PPC Success Story

Pay per click campaign

No matter who you are, the sheer scope and frequency of changes in the web marketing world can seem daunting. But if nothing else, remember this: web marketing works, and the fact that it's so trackable makes it easy to prove.



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