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No amount of design can fix your lousy content.

Yes, trying to fix bad  content with a shiny new design is considered lipstick on a pig.

"Well this is exciting. it's Q1 and management has approved the budget to finally redesign the company website. It's not a huge budget, but boy oh boy is it gonna be great to finally fix all the things we hate about our current website. I mean it's just looks old. And besides, there are a ton of new features and capabilities we want it to have!"

Where to even start? We want big rotating homepage doohickeys, new colors, new fonts, maybe some sweet drop shadows to really make our new logo "pop"...

Huh? What about the content you say? Forget that for a minute; What's it gonna look like? What about all the cool new stuff it's going to do? How can I give you content if I don't know what it's gonna look like? Can't you just design it and we'll figure out the content later? We don't want to waste the project budget on content, we want all these new features!"


Don't Get Locked Out of Google Analytics!

In our previous post, we talked about what you can do if you don't know how to log in to your Google Analytics account.

Well, prevention is the best medicine. So today, we're going to talk about how you can prevent those types of issues in the first place. Fortunately, the process of adding administrators is pretty easy.


Oops! I Can't Access Google Analytics!

It happens more often than you would think.

Some go-getter at your company sets your site up with Google Analytics. You figure: "Hey! Said person is telling us how the website is performing, so I don't need to worry about it."

Then said person leaves the company, and all of sudden, you're flying blind. You have no idea how your website is contributing to your business goals. All because you never asked what the logins were, and said person never thought to tell you.

What can I do if I can't access Google Analytics?


Google Analytics is Blocking PPC Keyword Data

Last week, Search Engine Land reported that Google would be blocking keyword data for PPC in Google Analytics. If this sounds a lot like the organic (not provided) changes, that's because it's exactly the same thing, just for PPC.

So, Does Google Analytics Provide Value Anymore?

If you're like me that was the first question you asked yourself when you heard about this update.

The answer is yes.


StirTrek 2014 - Learn Long and Prosper.


Last week, nearly our entire team had the good fortune to attend StirTrek, a one day conference with tons of great web and technology related content. Our large group was able to cover many different sessions and learned about lots of great topics. We've put some of the highlights below.

TL;DR: it was both awesome and affordable. We'll be attending again next next year. More...

Just How "Frequently Asked" is That Question, Really?

I wish someone would ask how I make such great scrambled eggs. I love my scrambled eggs, and wish people shared my appreciation for them to the point where they asked how I do it.

Nobody wants to know how you make scrambled eggs

But they don’t. Even if they like them, they seldom ask how they're made.

So I wouldn’t put “How do you make such great scrambled eggs?” at the top of the questions people frequently ask me, no matter how much I wish it was true.

Yet so many companies put the equivalent of my scrambled egg queries at the top of their FAQ page.


Dan Mall (and Element Collages) to the Rescue!

Recently, I tweeted to Dan Mall (superstar designer and professional nice guy) to let him know how much a blog post of his helped my design process. I was honored when he reached back out and asked if I'd share what I'd been doing.

Dan's blog post helped solve an issue we'd been wrestling with since making the transition to responsive web design; how to communicate visual direction.


Custom Apps: 7 Questions to Ask Before Hiring an Agency

If you’re going to invest the time and money to develop a custom application, it’s worth your while to do some legwork upfront and research your prospective partners. A custom-developed application may have numerous benefits and advantages over other browser based solutions, but they can also be more complex. If you’ve decided a custom application is the best route for you, you should do extensive due diligence before choosing a partner – from both business and web development standpoints. 

Image of detective. Be sure to do your research before selecting a partner to build a custom application.


Should You Create a Branded YouTube Channel For Your Business?

If you’re only using YouTube as a place to watch funny cat videos or find the latest underground band, you’re missing out on its benefits as a powerful business tool to enhance your brand and strengthen your social outreach.

There are tons of resources available about YouTube and how to use it to maximize your brand. But we wanted to share a quick and dirty snapshot about one specific aspect—the benefits of brand channels. 

First, the basics 

If you’re still wondering “Why YouTube?” check out these stats:

Youtube statistics infographic


Connecting Keyword Rankings to Meaningful Results

In my last post, I offered three reasons why keyword rankings aren’t as important as you think they are.  Those reasons are:

  1. People can get to your site from sources other than a search engine.
  2. Top rankings don’t necessarily equal more traffic.
  3. Top rankings don’t necessarily equal more business (this is the most important reason).

Specifically, the point I was trying to make is that keyword rankings aren’t important unless they generate meaningful results for your company. So, to help you make the connection between a ranking and keyword quality, I’ve provided some tips for your reading pleasure.