Your Keyword Rankings Aren’t Important

Okay, so maybe that’s not entirely true. If you want your website to generate more sales and/or leads, you’re probably going to be more successful if you have a bunch of top 10 rankings. But as true as that last statement may be, there are three reasons why I would argue your keyword rankings aren’t as important as you think they are.


Rankings aren't as important as you though. Shocking, we know. 


2013 in Review: Content is Still King

Did you know that Yahoo! and Bing have nearly 30% search engine market share? Based on comScore data, that accounts for 43,283,582,089 (that's 43 billion) searches per month. While a staggering number, Google gets about 100 billion queries per month. 

No matter which search engine you prefer, the one thing that they all have in common is the desire to serve up relevant results based on the quality of content a website provides.

In our final episode of 2013 in Review, Dave and I give tips on what businesses should consider when it comes to the development of content on their website.


2013 in Review: The Truth About All Those TLDs

"I want to protect my brand from competitors."

"I want to try to get more listings on page one in Google."

These are the two most common things we hear when we're talking with a client about whether to buy multiple top-level domains (.com, .net, .info, etc.). Watch the latest episode of 2013 in Review to see why Dave and I feel this is NOT in your company's best interest.


2013 in Review: Website vs. Social Media. Which is More Important?

Social media is an increasingly important mix of your web marketing strategy, but does that trump the importance of your website?

Get the answer from Dave and me in the latest edition of our ongoing series: 2013 in Review.


2013 in Review: What's New in Organic Search?

We like to say the winds of change are constantly swirling when it comes to organic search engine optimization. One of the biggest changes ever to happen was the launch of Google's new ranking algorithm back in August 2013, titled Google "Hummingbird".

In the latest edition of 2013 in Review, learn more from Dave and me about how Google Hummingbird is impacting your your company's web presence. 


2013 in Review: Are Facebook (and Instagram) Ads Effective?

According to Alexa, Facebook ranks as the #2 site in terms of traffic, behind Google. Despite its broad reach, which was expanded even further with its purchase of Instagram, many businesses remain skeptical about the value that a Facebook advertising campaign can add to their bottom line.

In our latest installment of 2013 in Review, Dave and I tackle this debate and cite a study from Social Media Examiner that can help you determine if a Facebook ad campaign is right for your business. 


2013 in Review: Content Scrapers Demonstrate What Users Really Want

When it comes to your website, useful content isn't just king. It's everything. If you don't provide value to your visitors, you're not going to grow your bottom line. This truth is clearly evident when you consider how popular content scrapers like Flipboard and Readability have become over the past year.

Watch our fourth edition of 2013 in Review to learn more about what content scrapers are, how they work, and the opportunities they present for your business.


2013 in Review: Debunking the Above the Fold Myth

It's not uncommon for us to get a request like this: "I want to get everything above the fold so our site visitors can easily see everything we offer." While the intent behind the question is to promote a better visitor experience, in reality, this line of thinking can have the exact opposite effect.

Watch the video below - the third of our 2013 in Review series - and then read Dave's post to learn why smashing everything above the fold can actually be a very bad experience for today's web user.


2013 in Review: Is Vine or Instagram Video Useful for Business?

According to Google Trends data, searcher interest in the words "Instagram" and "Vine" skyrocketed in 2013. With social media options like Vine and Instagram becoming increasingly popular with potential customers, businesses are trying to find ways to leverage this into more revenue.

In this second video of our 2013 in Review series, Dave and I discuss the competition between Vine and Instagram Video and share a great use of Vine by DiGiorno Pizza.


2013 in Review: Healthcare .gov

In an industry that changes as often as ours, it's easy to lose sight of just how much has happened in such a short period of time. Fortunately, with the help of our good buddy Dan Hanson (the Great Lakes Geek), Dave and I had the opportunity to sit back and reflect on many of the major web-related stories from 2013. Throughout the process, we share our insights about how you can learn from these stories to better promote your business online.

Up first (and please remember we're talking about websites, not politics): What went wrong with the initial launch of

We'll be posting these videos regularly over the next couple of weeks, so make sure to check back often!



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