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Want More Clicks For Less Money? Improve Quality Score

How do you get better performance out of your Google AdWords campaign?

Shape up, be relevant, and improve your Quality Score.

Image of highest scores sign. Find out how you can get ads to rank higher by improving quaity score.

Google ads work like a live auction, where competitors bid against each other to place higher on the page.

Many new advertisers believe that the only way to show up above their competitors is to outbid them and spend more for a particular keyword. But there are other factors that determine how you perform against competitors, and your ads can appear above competitors who may be spending more money than you.


Google Analytics is Blocking PPC Keyword Data

Last week, Search Engine Land reported that Google would be blocking keyword data for PPC in Google Analytics. If this sounds a lot like the organic (not provided) changes, that's because it's exactly the same thing, just for PPC.

So, Does Google Analytics Provide Value Anymore?

If you're like me that was the first question you asked yourself when you heard about this update.

The answer is yes.


Google Makes Major Changes: Adwords Enhanced Campaigns

A couple of weeks ago, Nedim (our resident PPC guru) and I had a conversation that went something like this:

Google Adwords Enhanced Campaigns

Me: "Nedim, that last blog post about the growth of mobile usage was good."

Nedim: "Thanks!"

Me: "So, uh, when do you think you're going to write something about PPC?"


Google's Paid Placement Gets Even More Prominent

It's no secret that Google would prefer users to click on their paid listings than on organic ones. Google is, after all, a (very profitable) business.

We've seen evidence that supports the claim about an increased prominence of paid placement in the search results pages.

Image from from


Welcome to the PPC World

In February 2012, Google first announced plans for enhanced site links on desktop search ads.

The idea was to give existing site links a shot of steroids and triple their overall size. Google planned to combine multiple site links and closely related search ads into a larger ad format. Google ran a test period and analyzed the performance of the links, and determined that the new enhanced site links work better than the original site links. They decided to roll out the new feature globally.


Aztek- An Adwords Certified Partner

You may have thought that Aztek was only a Cleveland web design firm. However, you would be wrong. Aztek is also a provider of a wide range of web marketing services including SEO (search engine optimization), online marketing, social media integration, email marketing and more. Not only do we offer these services, we are experts in online marketing. Aztek has been an Adwords Certified Partner for over a year now. Just this week, our web marketing team successfully renewed our partnership with Google by passing an updated advanced Search Advertising exam. More...

PPC Advertising- It's Not Only About the Size of Your Wallet

PPC (pay per click) advertising is an online marketing model that is used to drive qualified traffic to a website. This can take the form of ads that run on search engines or other content sites. For our purposes, we are going to focus on ads that run on search engines such as Google. An advertiser's ads are shown when a specific keyword phrase is entered into the search box. The advertiser is charged when a person clicks on one of these ads. Unlike other types of online marketing, you only pay when your ad is clicked on not when your ad is simply shown (this is called CPM advertising- cost per impression). More...

Aztek Meets New Google Adwords Certification Requirements

Aztek, a Cleveland web design firm, is dedicated to remaining certified in a number of different areas. Aztek is a Microsoft Gold Silver Certified Partner* and is also Google Adwords Qualified. Back in April, Google updated and changed its qualification requirements. This change included the addition of an additional test that must be passed to gain certification. The old program required a user to pass only one exam to become certified. This number has been increased to two (2) exams. These exams include both an Advertising Fundamentals exam and one advanced-level exam. More...