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Email and Marketing Automation Services

Your email strategy should be more than just a newsletter. Email marketing is the proven strategy for building strong customer relationships and ensuring your success.

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An impactful email marketing campaign starts here.

We remove all the guesswork and do the heavy lifting for you. We lay out a cohesive email marketing strategy, create necessary email marketing templates, engaging content, building and testing your emails, scheduling and deployment... well you get it – we do a lot.

You’re sending emails, but are they producing ROI?

We provide thorough reporting so that you know what’s happening from the time you send an email to after it’s landed in the inbox. Planning and executing your email marketing campaigns is only half of it – we answer all your questions about what happens after you send an email. 

Wondering what happens once a lead comes into your CRM or why they fall off after they submit one of your forms?

We create tailored marketing automations that immediately start nurturing leads that land on your website and submit your forms. You’ll know as soon as they come in and can immediately start tailoring their experience through email. 

Your own personal team of email marketing specialists

When you partner with Aztek, our email marketing team and specialists become a part of your team. We are a Cleveland-based agency that works with businesses in and out of Ohio to help them fully understand their business and goals before we start developing an email marketing plan. Once we know what’s important to you, we craft an email marketing plan that covers your “baseline” email marketing needs, as well as more sophisticated automations that really take your marketing to the next level.  

What do you get with our email marketing services?

All the things! Depending on your needs, we can provide a complete done for you type of service, or serve as an add-on to what you’re already doing and incorporate it with our efforts. Our services include:

  • Discovery – Before getting started, we work with you to identify what success looks like to you, what’s worked in the past, and what services you need to start. 
  • Strategy – No email marketing plan is the same. We tailor everything we do to you and put together an email marketing strategy that best fits your business.  
  • Content creation – Our copywriters and creative team create and write all the content to execute your email marketing plan.  
  • Email development – We turn that content into the emails used in your campaigns and automation. From monthly newsletters to lead nurture automations, we take care of the entire creation and deployment process.  
  • Monthly insights – We review the performance of every campaign that we deployed and put together a thorough monthly report to keep you informed on our progress and performance.  

We’re an email marketing agency that meets you where you are.

Conversations around platforms, tools, what CRM you’re using, and the scary word “migration” can cause a lot of stress. We won’t come in and demand you start switching platforms to meet our requirements. Our specialists are well versed in many email marketing platforms and can adapt to what you use. We do have our preferred platforms, but we don’t require you to overhaul your marketing tech just to partner with us. 

  • ActiveCampaign 
  • Hubspot 
  • Act-On 
  • Keap/Infusionsoft 
  • MailChimp 
  • Enquire MAP 
  • Litmus 
  • Google Postmaster Tools 

Ready to invest in email marketing?

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