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Why Work With Us?

We believe our purpose is to creatively solve digital problems that help our clients succeed online.

Our focus is on growth: growing website results and, ultimately, growing business through strategic website design, development, and digital marketing.

Digital solutions that provide return-on-investment

We don't stop once your new website launches. After our kickoff and constant communication, we work to truly understand your business and what results matter to you most. Using analytics and tracking tools, we monitor and report on these results on an ongoing basis. We understand it's not just about more traffic, but about more quality leads and increased revenue.

Here to support your full digital presence

Our team doesn't stop at the launch of your new website. We provide strategies to promote your site and your business online with digital marketing. With a team of developers in-house, we also can update and create any new web applications and support more complicated websites. With experts in every area of the web, we will make sure your site launches with no loss in SEO traction and is user-friendly for both your customers and your team to manage.

Our recommendations are backed with data

We want you to succeed, so our recommendations must be based on reality. Which landing page design works better? Let's test it before we decide on looks alone. What pages should we keep during the redesign? Let's check the analytics first before we jump the gun. We assure quality insights by using multiple facets of data: heat mapping, user testing, A/B tests, and analytics.

We care about your users

When we do a project, we are out to make your users happy. We believe if users are happy with you, you'll be happy with us. That's who your website is really for: the users. If we feel like something isn't in your users' best interests, we'll tell you, and we'll give you a few other ideas to consider instead. We definitely don't ever want to sell you a project you don't need.

You're a part of our team

With Aztek, you have access to every member on your project team. If you want to speak to a developer directly, you can. We want you to be a part of our team. We're a witty, experienced group of in-house web professionals. We have regular "show and tells" to get your thoughts on how your project is coming along. You should never feel like you don't know where things stand.

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Keith Rowe, Chief Technology Officer

Keith is Aztek’s CTO where his primary focus is helping our delivery team achieve a high degree of project success through technical solutions, process improvement, education and mentorship. He works closely and meets with the executive leadership team to communicate on key initiatives and help define company culture and processes. He brings a vast technical background and can be found spending time helping in presales initiatives, working with the development team on solution architectures, as well as handling the demands of the Chief Thermostat Officer.

Dave Skorepa

Dave Skorepa, Chief Creative Officer

Dave graduated from the Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD) and has been leading Aztek's design team since 2005. In his role, Dave emphasizes the importance of mobile, content, and users first when approaching a solution for a client. He has worked on hundreds of website projects across a diverse array of industries, experience which has helped him cross-pollinate ideas and solutions in surprising ways. Dave is fascinated by design, process, and self improvement and speaks about related topics to area meetups and industry associations.